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SmartStrand Day-Dream-830-Ash

Yes, we're aware that the above video is a little OTT, but it does demonstrate the resilience of the carpet quite well! 

It's worth a watch...


What is SmartStrand?

SmartStrand has been an extraordinary success since its introduction to the UK, in 2014.  It benefits from having the appearance retention and pile recovery of wool, whilst having the cleanability and stain resistance of polypropylene.

Easy maintenance and care:

  • Permanent built-in lifetime stain and soil resistance protection

  • Wash most stains off with water

  • Natural UV-resistance

Eco Friendly

  • Made with 37% natural starch & renewable plant based materials

  • ISO-Green signature

  • Production process emits 63% less CO2 than other synthetic fibers.

Comfortable, soft & resilient

  • Superior softness

  • Superior resistance to flattening

  • Revolutionary fibre

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