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Originally used to create strong and resilient twine, Crucial Trading use this stunning material to create graceful and exotic floor coverings.


Sourced from Brazil, China and Southern Tanzania, the Sisal plant is one of nature’s true survivors – evolved to thrive in a punishing climate with little rainfall in summer.


Once stripped and dried for 30 days it is ready to be crafted into the treasured floorcovering fit to grace your home.


Arguably the sturdiest material, this hardy grass has to withstand all sorts of abuse to be worthy enough to grace your home.


Sourced from Vietnamese and Chinese plantations, this hardy grass has to withstand copious amounts of ocean salt, raging typhoons and the heat of the Far Eastern sun before being woven into signature styles of Original, Herringbone and Basketweave in both Normal and Fine weaves.

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The Mahanadi Belt monsoon season sees an explosion of healthy, green Jute stems, made tougher by the fertile, coastal waters.


Once it has been ret (immersed into slow-running water) and stripped, the fibres are ready to be weaved into a collection of gorgeous, classic designs that date back to the Nineteenth Century.


Coir comes from coconuts grown and handpicked along the Keralan shoreline.


After being suspended in water for 10 months they are beaten to separate the fibres.


Once dried, cleaned and spun, the Coir is transformed into flooring as inviting as its original setting.

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